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*Gnhihihi* Grusel, Grauen, Gänsehaut! Hubert2 und ich wünschen euch einen schaurig schönen Halloween-Abend!

Afraid of the Dark?! Hubert2 and I wish you a scary beautiful Halloween evening!

just a little doodle





Just for making some analog finger exercise and playing around with analog tools. Nice for unexpected results.



- a german play on words – its the “Knifesheep”! -  the razor sharp sheep!


We filled our scetchbooks with and brains with “Fun with boring stuff”


Advertising postcard for a yoga training. I dont know if the Walhalla is the best choice thoughening up like this “Yoga”. Text modified by this’ blog editorial staff, Uwe Höck & Robotroit.



fun with misspelling of the german word “Raubkatze” [cat of prey]


Professor Allerhands Unknown Wildlife

A illustrated bestiary of the uncharted mysterious wildlife that surrounds us.