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Eine neue aufregende Drachenwelt entsteht für die Freggers 3D Spielewelt. 3D & 2D Illustration – Cinema4D|Photoshop

An exciting new dragon world grows for the Freggers 3D game world. 3D & 2D Illustration – Cinema4D | Photoshop



Konzeptzeichnung für den Feengarten “Sternenhain” und die Ansicht des finalen Spielerraums. | The Concept for the Fairytale Garden “Stargrove” and the final rooms for the Players. Click to enlarge


Weihnachten bei Freggers, mit vielen Spielitems zum Sammeln


On 18.Oktober till 1.November 2011


build & animated with Cinema 4D


My first try modelling with Cinema 4D.  A little nightstand – furniture for



The Freggers team-players had to find tiny easter eggs all over the freggers world and thow them in the nest. When it was grown to its fullest level they got pink & white Easter bunny disguises.


Cinema4D Screenshot



Fauns Garden Setdesign. The Playerhas to cut Grass, making Grass Powerbars to feed the little Sheeps. Cuddle the Sheeps and they put their “Droppings” in the toilet. Get these Stuff and fertilize the plants for some Colour slugs.



Professor Allerhands Unknown Wildlife

A illustrated bestiary of the uncharted mysterious wildlife that surrounds us.